"The World Cup is everything"

After two frustrating years with injuries, Kaka’s back. And as the Madrid magician tells FFT, He’s got a score to settle come 2014…

After another season at Real Madrid that’s been hindered by injuries, you’re finally back playing regularly again. How did you cope during the long lay-offs?

When it happens, you think,”not again,here we go..” and it tires you out - it’s emotionally exhausting. Being injured and unable to play is hard, it’s very hard. It’s not just a physical injury but a psychological one too, and it really wears you down. There are days when everything hurts. You work and work and work and it still hurts. You don’t know when you’ll be back and what kind of condition you’ll be in.

In Madrid, in particular, people give the impression that you’re somehow responsible for being injured alot…

That’s true, I think that you’re right. It feels like people are treating you as if you’re happy to be injured and that’s not right. It annoys me a little bit. I love playing football more than anything else. I always look after myself, I have always tried to live like an athlete and I have been suffering more than anyone esle. That is the lonely reality of injury.

Can you understand the frustration of Real Madrid fans after you went to last summer’s World Cup following an injury and returned from South Africa with another knock? Some people accused you of holding back for Madrid so that you could play for Brazil…

I’m not going to try to convince anyone - I know the truth. The more I played for Real Madrid, the better I was going to play at the World Cup for Brazil, it wasn’t like that. I made it to the pre-tournament traing camp after 40 days of being injured. And during the World Cup, I was unable to play as I wanted to play in the tournament.

Is the pressure on you to get back even greater because it’s Real Madrid?

Yes, as a club it brings more pressure, and you live that pressure publicly. Everyday we’re judged. Everyday, you’re at the mercy of the news, of stories that are true, or false. But i’m used to it.

What’s your relationship like with Jose Mourinho? He said recently that “Kaka hasn’t proven anything at Real Madrid yet.”

It’s true. I would like to do better, to show what I am capable of. Lots of people say I have problems with Mourinho but that is not true. I spoke to him a lot through my rehabilitation and he has helped me a lot.

What about your own future? There’s been a lot of talk about you leaving Real Madrid…

I don’t think so. I’m not thinking about that. It it was up to me, I’d stay!

Article by: FourFourTwo July issue!


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